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Life Sciences
Cure is a life science technology company that is continuously innovating new drug platform delivery systems.
Oral Thin Film
Cure has created a patented tri-active film isomatrix ("TAFI"), which gives pharmaceutical companies new possibilities to extend their patent life cycles and create a new patent protections.
Cure has developed proprietary liquid based encapsulation technologies for transdermal, buccal, and gastrointestinal delivery systems.
Veterinary Sciences
Cure has developed a robust Veterinary delivery system which improves compliance, absorbs faster, and is easy to administer.
In The Press
Addressing Compliance Issues For Pediatric Malaria Patients
Posted June 26, 2012 at 11:00am
Every minute, one hundred children in Africa contract malaria. In that same minute, malaria will claim at least one child’s life while leaving at least one other child disabled. The continuing pandemic of malaria in infants and toddlers has gone unsolved for decades. This problem persists despite the many efforts dedicated to malaria prevention and eradication. Astoundingly, it persists despite the fact that there are drugs that cure malaria. Something is missing.
In The News
CURE Pharmaceutical to Begin Clinical Trials with PediaSUNATE™
New Pediatric Anti-Malaria Treatment with Oral Thin Films.