We offer a turn-key solution for bringing products from ideation to market through our cGMP production facility.

Market Feasibility

Cure is more than a technology partner. We understand that collaborative strategic planning leads to better commercial success. As such, we work closely with our clients and partners to design products that will best address market needs.

Research & Development

We apply the highest standards of rigor and innovation into every CureFilm™ formulation. Our industry leading scientists are pioneers in delivering proprietary and non-proprietary molecules in oral thin films, leveraging proprietary computational analysis methods and over 10 years of experience. During the research and development process, Cure determines product feasibility and optimizes lead candidates.

Process Development

Process development is at the hub of Cure’s product commercialization activities. The process development team works closely with research and development to ensure that product specifications can be successfully achieved in downstream manufacturing operations. During process development, Cure establishes analytical testing methods for product characterization, comparability, and stability.

Manufacturing and Quality

CURE operates a cGMP state-of-the-art production plant in an FDA registered and audited facility, which features a class 100,000 CRT humidity-controlled clean room environment. We manufacture technically complex formulations that meet exacting standards for quality and effectiveness. Our comprehensive Quality Management System encompasses every part of the manufacturing process, starting with the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of product to our customers. Our standards, protocols, and validated processes ensure consistent high quality.

Package Design and Branding

We work collaboratively with our clients to identify, design and access the best solutions for both primary and secondary packaging.

Sales and Distributions

If needed, we may work collaboratively with our clients to identify and access appropriate channels for product sales and distribution.