We have developed a portfolio of drug delivery platforms, including CureFilm™, the most advanced oral thin film on the market today.


Our technology platforms include enhanced micro and nano encapsulation, composition formulations, stability systems, taste masking systems, production methodologies and primary packaging advancements. These allow us to offer highly effective products that contain precisely controlled levels of an active or multiple actives in a stable, convenient and practical format.



CureFilm™, our patented multilayer oral thin film, is designed for oral administration. Administered without the need for water, it delivers medications to the tongue, cheek or sublingual regions of the mouth, allowing the medication to enter the blood stream enterically, buccally, or sublingually. CureFilm™ has been developed to improve upon the pharmacokinetic profile and the overall therapeutic index of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. CureFilm™ technology enables delivery of higher doses of medications with better flavor masking.

  • More stable, durable and quicker to dissolve than other oral deliveries
  • Improves the onset of action, lowers dosing and enhances the efficacy thereby widening the therapeutic index
  • Differentiation within large therapeutic categories
  • Ability to deliver actives on a single strip through both buccal and GI tract, thereby allowing for both fast acting and sustained release
  • Easy to use, store, transport with no liquid needed to administer
  • Ideal for children, elderly patients, patients who have trouble swallowing as well as animals
  • Improved palatability for improved patient compliance

CURE’s platform delivery systems include:

  • Multi-layer oral thin film
  • Proprietary liquid based encapsulation technologies
  • Transdermal (skin) delivery
  • Buccal (gland) delivery
  • Gastrointestinal delivery systems

In the proprietary micro-encapsulation process, microscopic particles or droplets envelope the active ingredients to protect and shield them. The technique used in the proprietary micro-encapsulation process depends on various factors including the physical and chemical properties of the active ingredients. This proprietary micro-encapsulation technology has allowed the delivery of higher dosing with better flavor masking.

CURE’s intellectual property protection focuses on improved product integrity, bioavailability and load capacity across delivery platforms. We protect our innovations using a blended strategy of patents, trade secrets and proprietary equipment design.


Our IP Portfolio encompasses:


  • Film compositions
  • Polymers
  • Encapsulation methods
  • Taste formulations
  • Process engineering
  • Packaging




Ease of use for improved adherence - No need for water, palatable
Greater bioavailability - Fast acting, less active needed, less side effects
Precision Dosing - Liquids
- Sublingual Drops
Transportation efficiency - No spillage, damage, stability at room temperature