Cure’s Commitment to Innovation

Not much has changed in how medications are delivered. Isn't it time to take a new approach?

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Exploring New Frontiers of Cannabinoid Science

CURE’s pharmaceutical cannabinoid program targets opportunities that are not currently met by traditional pharmaceuticals. We leverage the synergism between cannabinoids and terepenoids in conjunction with  CUREfilm™ to improve bioavailability of cannabinoid molecules. Our goal is to develop greater therapeutic efficacy in the evolving field of pharmaceutical cannabis.

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Not Just another Oral Thin Film

Our technology can improve the efficacy and safety of new and existing drugs, match or improve pharmacokinetic drug profiles, and stabilize plasma levels over extended time periods, possibly reducing dose frequency and side effects.

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Creating Value Together

Pharma companies can’t afford to partner with companies that are unresponsive to their needs. CURE has an uncompromising commitment to relationship management and partner satisfaction and has proven its ability to collaborate effectively through its growing portfolio and pipeline.

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