The pharmaceutical industry is rightly known for its rigorous clinical trial approach. In order to maximize commercial opportunities, pharma companies identify conditions that affect the most people and the drugs that successfully meet the clinical endpoints to treat the most people. That’s the calculus they consider. Too much active ingredient can mean side effects get out of line. Too little active ingredient and the drug won’t be effective for enough people.

To illustrate, a 50 mg pill of “Drug A” might be the right amount to treat a 150-pound highly active person, but a 250-pound sedate person requires a 100 mg pill of the same drug. Clinical trials may suggest a final version of 75 mg, but that’s not ideal for either person. On occasion, a few doses are introduced, but the limitations will always be there.

Likewise, some drugs need careful titration so the body can adapt to therapeutic levels without unacceptable effects. Currently finely-tuned titration is unavailable for the rare exceptions.

But what if active ingredients could be adjusted to account for individual differences in metabolism, weight, drug interactions, etc.? Sound far-fetched? It’s actually a reality, and further evidence of its potential may not be far off.

CURE Pharmaceutical, a fully integrated life science company committed to improving drug efficacy, safety and the patient experience through its proprietary drug dosage forms and delivery systems, is working to demonstrate the ability to adjust active ingredients. The innovative ability to customize dosage of active ingredients leverages oral thin film integrating CURE’s proprietary CUREfilm technology. Because CUREfilm doesn’t require mass-produced pills in order to achieve a range of ingredient levels, CURE can easily adjust the dose on film.

Proof of this concept has already been successfully demonstrated in Vitamin D and melatonin supplements. Patients using these supplements commonly find different levels of active ingredients to be best for their particular needs, and CURE’s technology has satisfied this need.

Of course, pursuing drugs that require FDA or other regulatory approvals that accommodate this level of customization is another matter, but CURE is undaunted by this challenge. The company is currently partnering with multiple pharmaceutical companies to assess viability using other active ingredients within multiple therapeutic categories, such as tuberculosis, sleep disorders, and erectile dysfunction, and hopes to launch within the near future.

For more information about CURE Pharmaceutical or its CUREfilm technology, contact Euvy Tatunay at [email protected].