At CURE, we’ve been kicking off the new year in a big way! Along with a new image and freshly launched website, we’re investing heavily in product research and development and have been actively participating in industry events.

One of those events took place In early January, when CURE was invited to be a presenting company in the 2018 BioTech Showcase.

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Held in San Francisco, CA, the showcase is an annual investor and partnering conference that brings investors and biopharmaceutical executives together from around the world together. CURE’s presentation, led by COO Jessica Rousset, was received with great enthusiasm and has continued to drum up further conversation, excitement, and support for CURE’s mission and current projects since the showcase.

Ms. Rousset’s presentation highlighted the patient-centered and mission-driven approach that characterized CURE’s founding four years ago and continues to drive our research and innovation. CURE’s mission is to improve people’s lives by redefining how medicines are delivered and experienced. In Ms. Rousset words: “We believe it’s time to change the way we all take medications. We can make a long lasting impact on people—patients and caregivers—without having to bring new drugs to market.”

CURE has taken the time to listen to patient experiences, investigate patient needs, and explore alternative product delivery options better suited to what patients prefer when it comes to how they take their medications. This focus on putting patients first has led to real solutions to patient issues.

And investors are taking notice.

Ms. Rousset referenced data that shows that as much as 40% of people struggle with taking pills orally and that liquid medications often taste terrible. Injectable medications offer another set of difficulties, they’re painful, inconvenient, and often daunting.

As patients are deterred from taking their medications, regardless of the reason why, they are less likely to take the drugs as prescribed, impacting patient outcomes and quality of life. Ms. Rousset also discussed some of the obstacles to favorable outcomes that patients don’t see—that pills can work slowly and lack sufficient efficacy or cause gastrointestinal irritation that may result in unpleasant side effects.

And these issues create more than just subpar outcomes for patients. Data suggest that medication non-adherence can lead to up to $630 billion in lost annual revenue for the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have incentive to find new ways to address patient issues that get in the way of medication adherence. Redefining how medications are delivered is one important step, and that’s where CURE is leading the charge.

CURE has developed a deep intellectual property portfolio of proprietary technology unlike what is being developed by any other company. Our CUREfilm platform features an oral thin film that can improve the efficacy and safety of drugs, potentially reducing side effects and dose frequency. CURE’s thin film technology is designed to support optimal drug release profiles and achieve high drug loads when necessary. Along with this, CUREfilm has better taste masking and assures a better patient experience.

Beyond our existing products and drug delivery technologies, we at CURE are also excited about our rapidly expanding pipeline of partners and projects. With existing collaborations and partnerships in sleep apnea, tuberculosis, erectile dysfunction, and cannabinoid-based therapies, we see an exceptionally bright future for CURE and CURE’s investors, partners, and supporters.

You can watch Ms. Rousset’s Biotech presentation at CURE Pharmaceutical’s LinkedIn page