The Pill Problem

About 40% of patients struggle swallowing pills. For many, swallowing a pill can be difficult, painful, or cause choking and gagging. This struggle leads to missed doses, potentially worsening the patient’s health condition.

Pills often work too slowly, lack sufficient efficacy and cause side effects.

When swallowed, pills need to be broken down into small enough particles to dissolve in bodily fluids. Once dissolved, the drug risks being inactivated as it is absorbed in the gut and the liver. Pills can further irritate the GI tract causing diarrhea, constipation, cramps and dyspepsia. While liquids can be offered as an alternative, they often taste terrible. As far as injections go, most patients strongly dislike the experience, particularly when self-administered.

Solutions Must Deliver Better Solubility, Bioavailability and Ease of Use.

Delivery challenges limit the potential of pharmaceuticals.

Despite advances in combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput technologies producing vast numbers of new potential drug candidates, many exhibit poor solubility and bioavailability and cannot be developed into useful drugs.

According to the most recent figures, 30% of marketed drugs are BCS II (High Permeability but Low Solubility) and 70% of drugs in the pipeline are BCS II. By some estimates, poor pipeline performance and non-adherence costs the industry more than $600 billion in lost annual sales.


Currently Marketed Drugs
BCS II High Permeability Low Solubility

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In the Pipeline Marketed Drugs
BCS II High Permeability Low Solubility


Eliminating the Burden

CURE Pharmaceutical is an innovative drug delivery and development company with a proprietary platform of dosage forms and delivery systems for a broad range of molecules.

We’re on a mission to make medications easier to take, more efficacious, and with fewer tolerability and side effects. When the burden of taking medication is eliminated, adherence goes up for the benefit of patients and society as a whole.


Tested in the Lab. Proven in the Real World.

We improve the pharmacokinetics of marketed and investigational drugs, enable more precise drug dosing and facilitate the administration of drugs for both patients and caregivers. Our products are already helping patients across a number of therapeutic categories.