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How We Can Help

We are more than a technology partner. We work to understand your business goals and collaborate with you to deliver sustainable solutions for you and your customers.

From formulation development to commercial manufacturing, we design and produce our products at our cGMP facility in Oxnard, CA.

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Delivering the Promise of Healthier Lives®

We help address these pain points:


    Replace injections and lessen pharma’s $637 billion in annual sales that are lost annually due to non-adherence


    Widen a drug’s therapeutic index and provide a new avenue for toxic drugs. CURE’s technology can improve the efficacy and safety of new and existing drugs.


    Eliminate the need to swallow and increase palatability for children, the elderly and patients with neurologic disorders. Deliver multiple actives at once for combination therapies.


    Facilitate patient-specific dosing. Our technology can be dispensed with great accuracy for drugs that need careful titration and patients requiring individualized doses.


    Deliver faster symptom relief, sustained release or a combination thereof. Our platform can stabilize plasma levels over extended time periods.


    Create market differentiation in response to expiring patents, generic encroachment, and declining new drug pipelines.


How We Collaborate

We engage from early feasibility through commercialization.

  • Formulation Development

    We apply the highest standards of rigour and innovation into every CUREfilm formulation. Our industry leading scientists are pioneers in formulating proprietary and non-proprietary molecules, leveraging proprietary computational analysis methods.

  • Process Development

    Process development is at the core of CURE’s product commercialization activities. The process development team works closely with research and development to ensure that product specifications can be successfully achieved in downstream manufacturing operations.

  • Manufacturing and Quality

    CURE operates a cGMP state-of-the-art production plant in an FDA registered and audited facility, which features a class 100,000 CRT humidity-controlled clean room environment. We manufacture technically complex formulations that meet exacting standards for quality and effectiveness. Our comprehensive Quality Management System encompasses every part of the manufacturing process, starting with the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of product to our customers. Our standards, protocols, and validated processes ensure consistent high quality.

  • Package Design and Branding

    We work collaboratively with our clients to identify, design and access the best solutions for both primary and secondary packaging.


Partner With Us:

Find out more about products powered by CUREfilm®.

Email us or call 

Delivering the Promise of Healthier Lives