OXNARD, Calif., Jan. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CURE Pharmaceutical(OTCQB:CURR), (“CURE”), an innovative drug delivery and development company, announced the launch of their new brand initiative, inspired by the company’s mission to support patient needs for better delivery of medication.

“Our new branding offers an opportunity to elevate awareness around the challenges patients experience with traditional drug delivery methods, such as pills and injections and to highlight CURE’s solutions,” said Robert Davidson, CEO of CURE Pharmaceutical. “Our updated mission of ‘we improve people’s lives by redefining how medicines are delivered and experienced’ underscores our comittment to patients.”

CURE’s proprietary CUREfilm™ technology platform optimizes drug delivery for better patient outcomes and experiences. CUREfilm™ can be given orally, buccally, sublingually or transdermally, delivering up to 300mg of one or more active ingredients in a single dose. Formulated as a film, actives are absorbed faster, without the need for water or swallowing, and can bypass the GI tract, thereby reducing GI irritation.

As much as 40 percent of the population struggle to swallow pills, and when they do, can have gastrointestinal irritation and are often slow to take effect causing patients to suffer. For drugs that cannot be delivered orally, patients rely on injections and endure the associated pain and inconvenience. It’s time to take a new approach.

To better reflect the company’s emphasis on the patient experience, and to underscore its growth and advancement in pharmaceutical delivery innovation, CURE is introducing a new logo. The logo integrates the letter “C” within a circular motion, representing CURE’s 360-degree commitment to patient vitality, and its mission to make a person’s life as whole as can be. The transparent layers harken to the CUREfilm™ technology, and further represent the many layers of care each of us needs.

Additional brand enhancements include a new graphic style that embodies transparency, precision, simplicity and aesthetic appeal; a completely redesigned website; and a reinvigorated presence in social media.

About CURE Pharmaceutical
CURE Pharmaceutical is a fully integrated life science company committed to improving drug efficacy, safety and the patient experience through its proprietary drug dosage forms and delivery systems. CURE has an industry leading full-service cGMP manufacturing facility and is a preeminent developer and manufacturer of a patented and proprietary delivery system (CureFilm™), the most advanced oral thin film on the market today. CURE has developed an array of products in cutting-edge delivery platforms and partners with leading pharmaceutical companies. CURE has positioned itself to advance numerous therapeutic categories, including the pharmaceutical cannabis sector with partnerships in the U.S., Canada, Israel and Germany, among other markets. The Company’s mission is to improve people’s lives by redefining how medicines are delivered and experienced.

For more information about CURE Pharmaceutical, please visit its website at www.curepharmaceutical.com.

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