CURE’s proprietary technology unleashes the full potential of drug treatments. Our technology can improve the efficacy and safety of new and existing drugs, match or improve pharmacokinetic drug profiles, and stabilize plasma levels over extended time periods, possibly reducing dose frequency and side effects.

With CURE’s technology, drugs can be delivered to bypass the GI tract, avoiding GI side effects and inactivation in the gut and liver. Our nanoencapsulation methods protect the active ingredient from degradation in the biological environment, prolong the drug’s presence in the blood and increase cellular uptake.

With CURE’s technology, high drug loads can be achieved, clearing the way to deliver many classes of molecules, targeting a range of indications.

What does this mean for the patient? Quite a bit:

  • Rapid delivery for faster clinical effect and symptom relief
  • Reduced side effects by lowering the dose or changing the route of delivery
  • An alternative to swallowing pills
  • An alternative to injections
  • Easier adherence by combining multiple actives in one dose

Our platform for optimizing and delivering drugs

CUREfilm™ is a versatile formulation platform to create proprietary drug products with optimal release profiles for better patient outcomes and experiences. Our formulations can be used in multiple final dosage forms based on the desired drug release profile and user experience.

Unmatched Advantages of CUREfilm Technology:

  • Ability to load more active ingredient on a single CUREfilm
  • Ability to load multiple actives on a single CUREfilm Oral
  • Better taste masking and overall mouth feel
  • Precision dosing through careful titration for patients requiring individualized dosing
  • Easy to use, store and transport with no liquid needed to administer
  • CUREfilm ORAL
  • CUREdots™
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    CUREfilm ORAL

    CUREfilm ORAL is applied in the oral cavity and does not require swallowing:

    Buccal: the film is applied to the buccal mucosa, between the gum and cheek. Drugs delivered this way are directly and quickly absorbed in the blood for a fast effect.

    Sublingual: the film is placed under the tongue and absorbed quickly by the tiny blood vessels there.

    Oral: the film is dissolved on the tongue.

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    CUREfilm TRANSDERMAL is applied in the skin and does not require swallowing.

    Transdermal gel: as a gel, CUREfilm permeates the skin into the bloodstream and can target specific areas of the body.

    Patch: through a patch, CUREfilm can more slowly and continuously release the active into the blood.

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    CUREdots are punch-hole dot size versions of CUREfilm ORAL, an oral dissolvable film appropriate for delivering active ingredients to smaller animals such as mice, rats and rabbits.

    CUREdots offer a safe, convenient, and humane alternative to oral gavage for repetitive pharmacological and toxicological testing performed on animals.

    More information on how to create an experimental protocol using CUREdots can be found here.

    To inquire about the CUREdots program, contact us at [email protected]

We achieve targeted pharmacokinetic profiles


Goal: Improved PK Profile

Rabbit study comparing plasma concentration over time of Aspirin CUREfilm Oral vs tablet

Result: Aspirin CUREfilm Oral formulation leads to faster onset (Tmax) and better bioavailability (Cmax and AUC)

Goal: Bioequivalency

Rabbit study comparing plasma concentration over time of Artelutrine CUREfilm ORAL vs. COARTEM dispersible tablets

Result: Artelutrine CUREfilm ORAL formulation leads to equivalent Tmax, Cmax and AUC

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  • Graph-3-1.png