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CUREform™ is our proprietary drug delivery technology platform that combines the right formulation and the right dosage form.

A breakthrough in drug delivery

Whether taken orally or topically, most therapeutic molecules require optimized formulations that ensures effective and safe absorption and release of the ingredients in the body. We combine the right formulation with the right dosage form for easier, safer and more effective administration of pharmaceutical drugs and wellness products.

encapsulation techniques that work harder

How a therapeutic molecule is released and absorbed by the body depends on the other molecules that compose the dose form, called excipients. We specialize in encapsulation techniques, that protect the active at the molecular level, to achieve greater stability, prolong the active’s presence in the blood and increase its cellular uptake.

The result? More efficient delivery and the potential for lower doses and side effects. Our formulation expertise extends to taste masking techniques for ingestible dose forms – we believe that palatability is critical to ensuring good habits and outcomes.

Our proprietary techniques encapsulate active ingredients at the molecular level to achieve greater stability, bioavailability and palatability.

CUREform Advantages


Our technology combines select excipients to increase the absorption of active ingredients into the body by improving their permeability through the skin (topical), the lining of the mouth (buccal or sublingual), or the lining of the stomach or gut (enteric). By improving bioavailability, active ingredients can be used at lower doses, reduce side effects and be more effective.

Specifically, our formulations can be designed to bind receptors for transport into target cells (transcellular processes) or to loosen the junctions between cells (paracellular processes).


Our technology serves as a barrier to moisture, oxygen, light, and heat to protect the active ingredients from degradation in its target dosage form ensure that the labeled dose is delivered throughout the product’s shelf life.


Many active ingredients are bitter or sour. Effective encapsulation helps shield the interaction of these molecules with our taste receptors. This third benefit of our technology is critical, as products are only as effective as people are willing to take them as intended.

The right formulation and the right dosage form

What is a dosage form?

A dosage form is the physical form in which a therapeutic molecule will be delivered into the body. When you work with us, we will work with you in weighing the technical, clinical, business and regulatory implications of each of our dosage forms and guide you in evaluating and selecting the right dosage form for your product.

Our Dosage Forms

Oral Thin Film

Shelf stable and discreet oral dissolving film for increased and faster absorption.

Oral Solution

Water-based formulas that stabilize both water and oil soluble ingredients, in combination or alone.


Shelf-stable topical formulations that target the surface of the skin or penetrate beneath the skin.


Chewable formulas that overcome problems with poorly absorbed ingredients.

All our dosage forms are Powered by CURE™ with the right excipients for optimal stability, release and palatability.

CUREform Benefits

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Increased bioavailability

through greater water solubility, enhanced permeability and retention in target tissue.

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Specific release profiles

allow for controlled time release of actives.

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Protection from degradation

during manufacturing
and throughout shelf life

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Better patient experience

with effective symptom relief, improved taste masking, and overall ease of use.

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