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CUREdrops water-based formulas offer a more pleasant mouthfeel over traditional oil-based tincturesOur water-based formulas stabilize oil-based and water soluble ingredients, alone or in combination, for a better mouthfeel and increased bioavailability.

CUREdrops Explained

CUREdrop™ solutions are best applied to uniformly incorporate fat soluble active ingredients into water-based liquids. This is accomplished using various micro-emulsification techniques which can be designed to improve stability as well as bioavailability. CUREdrops™ can be diluted (e.g. beverage) or concentrated (e.g. tincture). This dose form is adequate for consumer products as well pharmaceuticals which can be administered sublingually.

Based on in vitro assays, CUREdrops™ formulated for delivering cannabidiol (CBD) exhibit up to 500x greater permeation than commercial CBD soft gels and CBD in MCT oil at the same dose.

CUREdrops Advantages

KEY attributes

  • Create homogenous water-based solutions delivering fat-soluble active ingredients
  • Sublingual options for direct absorption into the bloodstream, avoiding first-pass metabolism (drugs only)
  • Potential for faster onset, clinical effect and symptom relief
  • Potential for reduced side effects with a lower dose

Dose Loading

  • Multiple actives up to 100mg/ml of encapsulated active ingredient(s)
  • Stable at room temperature for most molecules


  • Suitable for both pharmaceuticals and consumer wellness products

CUREdrops Wellness Products

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