CUREcream™ is an elegant cream formulation that delivers greater absorption, stability and efficacy

The targeting of active molecules to specific layers of the skin requires advanced dermal drug delivery systems. We develop shelf-stable topical formulations that stay at the surface of the skin or penetrate beneath the skin depending on the desired benefit.

CUREcream Explained

Using pharmaceutical industry-standard in vitro assays, our CUREcreams can be formulated for superior or faster flow into the dermis. Based on our in vitro studies, we’ve achieved 100-fold increase in overall dermal or transdermal permeation of cannabidiol (CBD) at equivalent concentrations compared to commercial reference formulations. We tailor to desired permeation kinetics by modifying process order and encapsulation methods.


  • Suitable for consumer and pharmaceutical products
  • We offer formulation development services only

CUREcream® Wellness Products

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