Video Transcript:

Robert: CURE Pharmaceutical really was born out of time in Africa, on mission trips, medical mission trips, and recognized that there’s a need for a better way to deliver drug actives for pediatric medications. We specialize in drug delivery technology, delivering drug actives more effectively to the body.

Wayne: We look at how we could possibly deliver that molecule in a more effective way that reduces the patients’ side effects and increases the efficacy of that molecule.

Edward: And CURE Pharmaceutical is our attempt at improving the health of our country and the world in general.

Robert: CURE film technology is an oral thin film technology.

Wayne: It has within the oral thin film an envelope of what we call active product ingredient, which is API.

Edward: The strips themselves, they’re delivering medicines, very similar to a liquid formulation.

Jessica: It is a combination of molecules that we refer often to as our toolbox.

Robert: We’ve embedded the drug into the small strip, you put it in your mouth, it dissolves into your blood. And that’s the new delivery platform.

Wayne: The nice thing about the CURE film technology, it’s broad platform technology, there’s a multitude of ways that we can apply this technology.

Jessica: We can create more effective medicines, safer medicines.

Robert: One of them is you know, treating pediatric patients more effectively, in emerging markets, another is people with dysphagia, trouble swallowing pills.

Jessica: We can very precisely meter and dose a thin [inaudible 00:01:49] product in a way that’s going to be tailored to the needs of the individual.

Wayne: For that strip to simply be put in the patient’s mouth and tongue and dissolve and not have to go through the pain and suffering of trying to swallow the pill. I can’t imagine it not being something that somebody would want to pursue and at least try.

Jessica: It is a very exciting time to be at CURE Pharmaceutical right now. We’re looking to expand our impact in big ways, and it’s just the beginning.

Wayne: The opportunity for CURE film technology is huge. There’s so many different areas that you could apply this technology.

Edward: I think the real challenge for us is to talk to the people who are practitioners and say, “Where are your really big problems? Where can we take this technology?”

Robert: One of the real values of the strip is it transcends economics, it transcends cultures, it transcends political ideologies. It’s basic humanity.