Rob Davidson, CEO CURE on the partnership with Canopy Growth on Big Biz Show – 10/25/2018 (Pt 1)

Video Transcript

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Russ: Oh, yeah.

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Russ: That’s right.

Sully: So, it works pretty good there.

Russ: Nice.

Sully: Hey, joining us today, Rob Davidson. Rob Davidson is the CEO of CURE Pharmaceutical. CURE Pharmaceutical is a publicly traded company. You can go to curepharma.com, curepharma.com, and look at their website. Their stock symbol is CURR. They’ve got a patented technology, a drug delivery system that replaces the need for swallowing or injecting medicine. Usually, it uses a, like, we call it like a Listerine strip, although it’s way more complicated than that.

Russ: Now, that brings it right down.

Sully: They’ve got a three-layer technology. They’ve got the ability to hold multiple active ingredients in one strip. They also have another, a company called joinsleepclub.com because they’ve got the CUREfilm Sleep Stripzzz, which helps you get to sleep and stay asleep.

Russ: Not the ones that go outside of your nose and makes your nose just huge so you don’t snore.

Sully: No, no.

Russ: No.

Sully: But also, they’ve recently announced, per their recent press release, that they entered into a multiyear agreement with a company called Canopy Growth Corporation. Now, we produce a show here on this network called Live High Live, which Russ T. Nailz hosts, which is what, Russ?

Russ: Thank you. It’s a semi-serious look at the world of cannabis. This plant’s putting out some fine products, some good drugs that don’t get you stoned, if you will. So, I am trying to find doctors and people being treated with that stuff.

Sully: Well, I think I found you another guest for your show because Rob Davidson and his company have created an OTF, which is an oral thin film, okay, CUREfilm, to use with cannabis extracts and biosynthetic cannabinoids. And, Rob, tell us about that because this is some exciting stuff. This is a really big investment vertical for you guys, is it not?

Rob: Yeah, absolutely. We’re extremely excited about this partnership with Canopy Growth. We’re building out a platform of delivery technologies for them and for their different proprietary cannabinoid molecules to deliver it more effectively to the body, and one of the key delivery systems is the OTF.

Sully: Now, an OTF is oral thin film. That’s just basically what you’ve been talking about since you got on the air with us here.

Rob: Correct.

Sully: Now, is anybody in that space in the cannabis business? Because we’ve interviewed a number of cannabis-specific companies and I don’t think I’ve ever even seen something like this, as far as, you know, either a transdermal or an oral sort of delivery system.

Rob: Yeah. That’s a good question. So, there’s not a lot of technology out there delivering, you know, cannabinoid molecules. That’s one of the issues too. A lot of studies are very positive on cannabis for a multitude of indications, and one of the issues with studying the cannabis and the cannabinoid molecules, and the endocannabinoid system itself, is the ability to deliver these actives effectively. They’re very low percentage absorption in the blood, low permeability. So, we’re able to utilize a multitude of techniques, such as the liposomal phospholipid encapsulation technologies within the thin film technology to help deliver those molecules more effectively.

And I think that’s why Canopy really wanted to do the deal with us. They saw what we were doing on the molecule side and on the delivery side. So, we’re excited. We think the endocannabinoid system itself is the new frontier of medicine. And it’s not just cannabis. It’s other molecules that actually effectuate, you know, uptake in the endocannabinoid system for different disease states and indications. So, we’re excited to be a part of that, you know, plowing through that new frontier, so to speak.

Russ: I’m looking forward to it because the stuff you put under your tongue now tastes so bad. I’m telling you.

Sully: Hey, is efficacy better, the same with this type of technology? Because I also saw you have a thing called…I think it’s called oral dots, or power dots, or something like that. Is there a difference between all the efficacies, or is it just a different version of the same delivery system?

Rob: Yeah. So, the dots were developed for the veterinarian side, actually, for animals, and delivering, more effectively, actives to animals. Specific, actually, the dots were specifically developed for clinical research at the university setting, for the ability to really test new chemical entities and new molecules to see how efficacious they are. Currently, the way they deliver actives to the animals in these studies is very invasive. They shove tubes down their throat and try to get the medicine in, and it actually creates…it can be problematic with some of the research and study outcomes because of how invasive it is. The studies are usually…they have issues with being able to deliver the medication.

So, we were able to, you know, create a solution for that, and we have some university relationships we’re working on. You know, you probably already know, in Israel, we’re working with Technion Institute on studying cannabis and cannabinoid molecules in cancer, and we’re working on several other research projects with several universities across the world.

Russ: Israel’s way ahead of the curve in their research, and deployment, and development of all that good stuff.

Sully: As is Canada. Rob, we want to have you back, man. Nice job. Rob Davidson is his name. He’s the CEO of CURE Pharmaceutical, curepharmaceutical.com…I beg your pardon, curepharma.com, or curepharmaceutical.com. Either one will get you there.

Russ: Yeah.