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    Delivering the promise
    of healthier lives


    Introducing CUREform: 
    our proprietary oral drug delivery platform


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    Technology with
    people in mind

    We collaborate
    with you to improve
    medication delivery


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    Our Product

    Our technology improves
    investigational and
    marketed drugs and
    dietary supplements.


Our mission is to improve lives by redefining how medicines are delivered and experienced.

We are a vertically-integrated drug delivery and development company with a proprietary formulation and delivery platform called CUREform™.

CUREform™ includes our signature oral dissolvable film, CUREfilm®, a patented oral thin film formulation that makes medications easier to take, more efficacious, with improved tolerability and fewer side effects. We are also the makers of microCURE™, an innovative emulsion technology utilizing proprietary encapsulation techniques, and CUREpods™, a novel chewable drug delivery system capable of high dose actives and enhanced solubility and absorption. Together, CUREform's combined technologies provide opportunities for both immediate and controlled-release drug delivery of a wide range of active ingredients.

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People-First Solutions

We are motivated to improve patient experiences. Our technology offers patients a proven alternative to pills and injections and they benefit from improved delivery of actives for faster clinical effect and symptom relief.


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We Collaborate With You

We strive to understand your business goals and work collaboratively with you to innovate solutions that solve common pain points. Our goal is to deliver sustainable solutions and create improved experiences for your customers.


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Purpose-Driven Mission

We’re on a mission to make medications easier to take, more efficacious, and with increased tolerability and fewer side effects. When the burden of taking medication is eliminated, patient adherence increases.

Our standards and quality:

We develop and manufacture our CUREform™ products at our FDA-registered, cGMP facility in Oxnard, CA.

We partner with biotech, pharmaceutical and wellness companies worldwide. Learn more about how we can help you with more efficient drug delivery technology in nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical medicines and cannabinoids. 


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