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CUREpods™ overcome problems with poorly soluble and poorly absorbed nutrients, particularly when high doses are required

A novel chewable delivery system, CUREpods™, delivers encapsulated and stabilized active ingredients in liquid or solid form using a complex coacervation technique that combines water-soluble proteins, polysaccharides, carbohydrates, alginates and lipids.

CUREpods Explained

Our CUREpods® chewable product is formed by the complexation of polymers stabilized by chemical crosslinking, and then cast and molded into a range of shapes and sizes.

The active ingredients can be formulated for release upon chewing, exposure to the digestive environment or both. Furthermore, distinct layers may be formed to deliver multiple active ingredients in the same dose unit, with distinct release profiles if needed. Their texture and consistency are designed to be organoleptically pleasing for improved patient adherence while balancing child safety risks.

The mouth feel, dissolution time and release of active ingredients from a CUREpod™ can be modulated by altering the excipient ratios.

CUREpods Advantages

KEY attributes

  • Simultaneously load fat soluble and water soluble molecules
  • Overcomes problems with poorly soluble and poorly absorbed nutrients
  • Multiple shapes, sizes, flavors and colors

Dose Loading

  • High doses of actives (grams)


  • Ideal for sports wellness products
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